Giovanni Motta

During the month of November, our boutique displayed the precious works of art by the Italian artist Giovanni Motta. His work, expressive and dazzling, created abondbetween tones, shapes, and emotions.

The artist is interested in figurative and contemporary art, in particular in the world of Japanese anime and manga.

He began his artistic journey by painting life scenes inspiredby travels around the world with hyperrealist technique; Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London, are essential stages for his research on the theme that will become the mainsubject of his work: the inner child .

This will lead him to explore culture while also using new technologies, such as 3D printing. He began exhibiting in 2000 with solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has participated in prizes of which he was a finalist: the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice 2016), the Aletti Award (2009) and the Arte Prize (Cairo Editore, 2004).

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