Easter and Colombe

For Easter 2022, Atelier Fabiola Boutique, had the pleasure of exhibiting and selling the Colombe Pasquali of Gennaro Esposito and Carmine di Donna. The traditional Colomba with orange and the Colomba with apricot from Vesuvio.

Gennaro Esposito, praised two Michelin stars’ Chef with his restaurant Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense, where through his plates and products you can sense the storytelling of his origin and home. Carmine di Donna, narrates the colours and scent of the Neapolitan’s tradition through his creations, leading the pastry of two Michelin starred restaurant of Gennaro Esposito, la Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense.

The starred Colombe, special in their flavours due to the excessive attention to detail, quality of the ingredients and passion of the Chef and Master, gave colours to Atelier Fabiola Boutique’s windows and great satisfaction to clients.

*The windows were complemented with Ralph Lauren Home’s tableware