Face Mask Malachite

CHF 75.00


The hypnotic and sinuous lines of the Malachite decoration are showcased in this accessory made of 100% silk. An everyday object becomes a declaration of elegance and sophistication, encompassing fashion, art and design.

This accessory can be worn over a surgical mask to combine safety with a touch of style. It features elastic ties for the ears, and can be reused after being washed. Dry cleaning only is recommended.
This product is not a medical grade mask and is not intended to be a replacement for surgical or respiratory masks. Consult your local health authorities for guidance on the use of non-medical face masks. Not suitable for children under 3. Due to its intrinsic characteristics, it does not guarantee the protection of its users from contagion from pathogens or other harmful biological agents or the limitation or obstruction of contagion from pathogens or other biological agents harmful to non-users.


Material : 100% silk origin Italy
Measurement : 20 cm – 8 inches Lenght, 9 cm – 3 inches Width
Code : BOX-MASK.1


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